'It sounded like bullets were hitting my car!' Severe hail leaves windscreens cracked and drivers stranded in Munich

Golf ball sized hail has broken windscreens and damaged cars in Munich after a severe storm charged through the Bavaria city yesterday (June 10).

Video footage shows a driver stuck in traffic peering through their damaged windscreen while one driver on the opposite side of the road clambers through the water leaving their car stuck in the flooded road.

The large hail caused visible damage to the filmer's car as well as oncoming vehicles which both have been defaced by the abnormal weather.

The filmer explained in detail: "So before shooting this video, I was on the autobahn cruising at 100 km/h with the clouds already extremely dark.

"Suddenly a tree branch hits my car from the left because of the strong winds. Next, the insane rain started, I couldn't see anything and I turned on my hazard lights.

"Because of my navigation system, I could find my exit lane where I had to go.

"There were cars which had stopped in the middle of the autobahn with hazard lights on even though it was the unlimited speed part of the autobahn.

"You just couldn't see anything, so after I exited the highway to another the hail suddenly started. I was now in a row to leave the autobahn but there was a big traffic jam.

"At first it was just loud but then it sounded like bullets were hitting my car. Then the first crack in my windscreen appeared. That's when I started to panic and was already mourning my car.

"At one point I thought my windscreen would start to break completely. It just didn't stop you still couldn't see anything and my windscreen was getting worse and worse.

"A few streets later after leaving the autobahn, which can be seen in the video, there was a hill. Because of the water, there had built up a huge puddle.

"I turned on offroad suspension in my car to be able to get through there.

"There was already a helpless Mercedes driver who wasn't able to get through, I don't know if water got into his car."