'It’s a miracle of God' One-eyed cow worshipped by villagers in northern India

A cow calf has been born with just one eye is being worshipped as a god in northern India.

The calf suffers from cyclopia, a rare congenital disorder that occurs in humans and animals, as seen in this video from May 2.

Footage shows the deformed calf with a large eye in the middle of its face as it lays on the ground in Nadia district, West Bengal.

A villagers holds the calf’s head on her hand is heard saying ‘’Everything is fine till neck, it is just the head that is bizarre’’, as the mother of the calf approaches the little one to gently lick its body.

The owner of the calf said that people from a neighbouring village have flocked to his home and asked him to let them worship the animal.

"We all think the calf is a miracle of God and we think this is Lord Brahma who has taken birth in our home in the avatar of the cow,’’ he added.

In a similar incident earlier, a one-eyed Cyclops cow was born to an Indian farmer in the Bardhamman district of West Bengal in India. 

The vets, however, say this is nothing in relation to the so-called ‘miracle’ but a rare congenital disorder, named as Cyclopedia. Usually, such calves do not survive for long and die within weeks or months.