'Kamikaze' Inverness woman zooms around busy roundabout on mobility scooter

Video of a senior citizen whizzing around a busy roundabout in Scotland on her mobility scooter has gone viral on social media.

The clip, captured by HGV driver Roy MacDonald on his dash-cam on Friday morning (March 29), shows the elderly woman using the inside lane of the roundabout. She then signals with her arm and cuts across the HGV to take a sudden left.

β€œOn one of the busiest roads in Inverness, there was a kamikaze pensioner on the loose!” Macdonald said.

The HGV driver said that when he noticed the woman trying to enter the roundabout he positioned his vehicle to stop traffic from coming in from his left side as they may not have seen her crossing.

MacDonald told the Inverness Courier that the mobility scooter driver was "extremely lucky that the roundabout was so quiet."

"I just sat back and tried to let her cross safely,” he also said.

The incident took place at the Shore Street roundabout in the city.