'Lionel Messi of Dogs' runs rings around a group of young football players in Ireland

This incredible little dog shows a group of young football players how it's really done in Inchicore, Dublin on May 14.

This "Messi of Dogs" named Cookie controls the ball with her nose and deftly guides it around the concrete urban pitch with ease. At one point the little trickster manages to 'nutmeg' one of the young human players.

The four-legged football legend surely has a lot to show all aspiring football players. She keeps her centre of gravity low - by default - and is able to run at full speed with ball control Messi himself would be jealous of.

The footage is shot on a bright sunny day outside Dublin on a concrete 'pitch.' It shows a group of young mixed-gender aspiring footballers out for an afternoon kickabout.

The filmer captures Cookie nicking the ball from under a youngsters foot and dart off with it at full pelt, avoiding defenders attempts to steal it back.

The filmer claims he'll tell the young football wannabe's to watch this peppy pup for inspiration instead of human legends like Lionel Messi.