'Ready, steady, mow!' Bizarre 12-hour lawn mower race held in English country village

Drivers revved their engines at the start of a strange 12-hour race on lawn mowers taking place annually in an English village.

Pit crews prepared to refuel the teams of three drivers that raced around the 1.6km circuit on August 3, running from 8am to 8pm in Five Oaks, West Sussex.

Writes the filmer: "The 12-hour lawn mower race is legendary amongst petrol heads who want the thrill of racing at an affordable cost. Since the race runs from 8pm to 8am through the night this is no walk in the park!

"Teams have three drivers who do stints around the bumpy circuit whilst the pit crew sort refuelling and breakdowns, of which there are many. The circuit length was 1.575 km and the race was started with a Le Mans-style running start."

The winning team, named Best Western, completed 384 laps in the time allowed.