'Sticky' waterfall becomes Thai tourist attraction with people clambering barefooted over the rocks

This bizarre 'sticky' waterfall in northern Thailand has become an unlikely tourist attraction - with people challenging themselves to walk barefooted up its steep rocks.

Water cascades down the 50ft high hill in Chiang Mai but instead of the smooth rocks being slippery, their unique surface actually grips the skin.

Minerals in the stream, including calcium carbonate and limestone deposit, have formed a sticky coating on the surface to the rocks which now allows people to climb up the waterfall with bare feet without slipping.

Hundreds of holidaymakers visit the sticky waterfall every week to challenge themselves to climb up the rocks - cooling off in the refreshing mountain water and enjoying the beautiful and peaceful scenery.

Footage captured from Bua Thong waterfall shows tourists of all ages climbing up the slopes on July 21.