'Stirling water park open for business!' Severe rainfall sees high street completely submerged

Flowing water on a street in Stirling, Scotland made it possible for a group of students to create their own improvised water park.

Filmed on Monday (June 24), two men weren't put off by the dreadful conditions as they slid on their bellies down Friars Street with the help of the flowing water.

Meave Park, the filmer, told Newsflare: "We were all just chilling at my pal's flat watching the rain when we saw how heavy it was getting we decided to go out and have a splash around.

"We then saw the two guys, the ones who belly slide, going for it down Friars Street and my pal Harry, the ginger one who done the backstroke, had to join in.

"Once we were soaked we thought we might as well see how the rest of the town looked and when we saw the bottom of Kings Street had turned into a swimming pool Harry couldn’t help but give his backstroke a whirl."

According to local reports, 14 people have had to be rescued due to the flooding.