'They've got balaclavas, the lot!' UK robbers ram raid Boots store to the amusement of passersby

This was the shocking moment a man in Trowbridge, Wiltshire witnessed a ram raid at a branch of the cosmetics store Boots yesterday (June 23).

A car is seen in the entrance of the shop on Bythesea Road where the criminals smashed through the doors.

The filmer is left laughing at what he is seeing and another witness can be heard saying: "I've never seen anything like this before."

The filmer explained: "Whilst [I was] at Apple Green petrol station in the early hours of Sunday morning I saw a dark green car drive into the front doors of Boots pharmacy.

"I first thought it was a drunk driver so the girl I was with rang the police and I walked closer to see what was happening only to see two lads jump out of the car with balaclavas on and start robbing anything they could get their hands on, mainly aftershave.

"I got my phone out and started recording the incident, the two lads filled up a big white bag full of products then chucked them into the back of the car and sped off towards the train station.

"[The] police got to the scene 15 minutes after we first rang them."