'Turtle man' spotted feeding dozens of reptiles at Thai palace

A man in Thailand was seen feeding dozens of turtles from the edge of a pond at a palace outside Bangkok in this amazing clip.

In the video, filmed on March 18 near Bang Pa-In Palace, the turtles can be seen waiting patiently as the man peels off bananas, and using a thin strip of bamboo, pierces the fruit and feeds them one by one.

The man is believed to be the spouse of a staff member working in Bang Pa-In Palace, and claimed on asking that he feeds the turtles three times a day on his own money.

Bang Pa-In Palace is located about 60 km from Bangkok, with nearly a 400-year history, beautiful palaces, gardens, temples and museums, it draws many visitors, domestic and international.

The turtle man even adds to the attractions of the Palace, with many of the curious onlookers who spoke to him joining in.