'We gonna have a lot more arrests' declares Extinction Rebellion protester in front of huge crowd

One Extinction Rebellion activist, who is reported to have been detained by police earlier in the week, declares he believes there will be "a lot more arrests before the end of the week."

The Extinction Rebellion campaign has taken over various landmarks across London in protests over Climate Change. The landmarks include Marble Arch, Parliament Square Oxford Street and The National History Museum. The latter saw many protstetser do a 'lie-in' where they blocked the entrance to the museum by laying on the floor.

Footage shows two protesters on stage addressing a huge audience gathered at Marble Arch waiting to hear Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg speak.

One of the protesters on the stage engages the audience in a repeated chant "This is how we win!".

The Extinction Rebellion has already seen upwards of 1000 protesters arrested.