'We Love You!' chants ring out in Marble Arch from Extinction Rebellion protesters waiting for Greta Thunberg to speak

Two factions of the Extinction Rebellion convene at the Marble Arch camp on Easter Sunday. As the Parliament Square rebels come together with the Marble Arch occupiers chants of 'We Love You!" are heard ringing out.

Footage shows a huge crowd gather in Marble Arch waiting for Nobel peace prize nominated activist Greta Thunberg to take to the stage. Extinction Rebellion flags fly proudly and a huge banner with the slogan 'Welcome to the Rebellion' is in full view.

Greta Thunberg took to the stage at 7pm yesterday and made calls for people to stop politicians from "getting away" with making promises to tackle climate change without following up on them. Teenager Thunberg is also due to meet Environmental Secretary Michael Gove during her UK visit.

The Extinction Rebellion is in its eighth day of protests which has seen police arrest upwards of a 1000 activists.