'What did you say?' US toddler has hilarious pronunciation of Ranch sauce

A two-year-old girl in New York City has a unique way pronouncing Ranch sauce.

Aura and her dad, Harold, were eating dinner, dipping their vegetables into Ranch sauce on Tuesday (August 27) when the toddler's pronunciation of the condiment starts to sound like "b*tch".

Harold told Newsflare: "Aura, my two-year-old daughter, was eating dinner and dipping her vegetables in Ranch.

"I started asking her, 'ooh you love Ranch, don't you?!' And she kept responding with a word that sounds like 'b*tch!'

"So I tried to help her correctly pronounce the word for 15 minutes until she finally said 'Ranch'... kind of.

"Aura is a silly baby with so much personality, so this was just one of many candid and hilarious moments. We do a web series called Daddy and Aura."