'Why are you so afraid?' US dog is terrified of stepping on kitchen floor

This 16-month-old pitbull is petrified of walking on the kitchen's wooden floor in his Illinois home.

Filmed on June 12, the terrified dog named Bruce is seen sitting in the doorway debating on whether to step onto the kitchen floor before eventually making the plunge with some encouragement from his owner, Hannah.

Mitchell, Hannah's husband, posted the video to his Instagram account and told Newsflare: "He might've slipped once really bad and hurt or scared himself a little at one point and now he thinks he'll slip every time.

"Even in the video he isn't actually slipping on his own. He thinks he has to rush past a certain point and essentially peels out because he tries to move too quickly and abruptly on the floor.

"He is getting a little better as the weeks turn, but yes he does this every time now."