'World's warmest waterfall' in Iceland is too hot for bathing

The 'world's warmest waterfall' resides in Iceland and has caused numerous problems for nearby infrastructure plans.

Filmed on Tuesday (June 24), the waterfall located in Eyjafjörður flows into the sea and steam can be seen rising from the warm stream.

Gylfi, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: "It's currently the world's tallest shower or the world's hottest waterfall.

"The water comes from nearby road tunnels but it was not expected to be there during design. So it the tunnel construction took two years longer and added 50 per cent to the estimated cost.

"There was an idea competition in 2017 for what to do with the water and the idea to use it for bath caves won but there still isn't any sign of discussion about that project so I'm not sure if it's going to be for real."

According to a study from 2014, the warm water is part of a geothermal system and the temperatures ranged from 47 to 63 degrees Celsius.