'Wow! Beluga Jet Airbus straight over the house!' Man spots whale-like plane fly over his home

This was the historic moment when the Airbus Beluga XL flew to the UK for the first time, and one lucky plane spotter saw it pass right above his home.

The Beluga made its maiden UK voyage today (February 14) from Toulouse, France to the UK.

The aircraft has flown over the Airbus UK factory in Filton, South Gloucestershire, followed by the Severn Bridge and finally landed at Hawarden airport near the company’s factory in Flintshire, Wales.

The lucky plane spotter was tracking the plane from his home when he noticed it coming for him and ran out to go and see the aviation wonder.

He explained: "I watched the Beluga XL flight path on my PC when suddenly she turned towards Weston-super-Mare, not the expected flight path.

"I ran upstairs to see if I could spot her maiden flight and be rewarded with a flight directly overhead.

"She dipped her nose before heading towards Filton, Bristol to tilt her wings.

"[It's] such a beautiful design, however, my Chihuahua was not too pleased seeing a Whale flying across our house!

"A historical aviation moment. Amazing."