'You want some flour? Make you a fascist quiche?' Breitbart journalist get milkshake thrown over him in Salford

This was the moment a Breitbart journalist was "milkshaked" in Salford, Greater Manchester yesterday (May 22).

The journalist, who was welcomed to the city with the dairy product being released over his head, can be seen speaking into a microphone while anti-fascist protesters shout at him and his camera operator.

The filmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "Breitbart had been filming peaceful anti-fascists opposing Tommy Robinson in Salford as they prepared to leave their protest, Breitbart continued to follow and film, which was not welcomed.

"Trouble from the far right had already erupted with eggs being thrown.

"After the milkshake, rocks and other missiles were thrown as the antifascists left the scene."

Breitbart is well known for being a right-wing news service.