Artist creates recycled straw mural of Philippines president

An artist made this stunning mural of eccentric Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte - entirely from recycled straws.

Rommel Cadion, 36, trawls bins for the plastic pollutant which he then cleans and cuts to size.

The talented sculptor then has to find the right shades of colour before gluing them to a wooden board which serves as the canvas.

Footage taken at Rommel's home in Muntinlupa City in the Metro Manila region shows him painstakingly creating the mural of the country's controversial leader.

An artist from the Philippines creates colourful portraits of people using discarded plastic straws he collects and cleans from store garbage bins.

Rommel said he only started experimenting with making art from pollution last year, but the straw pieces proved so popular he continued with them.

He said: "At first, I was just looking to create an artwork using garbage to help the waste problem in my town.

''I didn't think that many people would appreciate my work, but people do. That's why I have carried on. Recycling the straws is also helping the environment is it's a positive situation.''

President Duterte, 74, has been involved in countless gaffes since he became president in 2016. Most recently he claimed he cured himself of being gay when he met his first wife and invited five attractive women on stage to kiss him on the cheek.