Astonishing moment Indian rescuer finds 20 snakes wedged under tin roof

This is the stunning moment a snake rescuer finds 20 snakes under a tin roof of a village home.

A farmer in the Radua village of Bhadrak district had gone to a store room adjacent to his house to collect some equipment.

He heard a hissing noise from above and immediately called Mirza Mohd Arif, a professional snake rescuer from Odisha in eastern India.

“I had gone thinking I may find one or two snakes. But twenty banded tracers had taken shelter under the tin roof,” said Arif.

“The more I pulled them out, the more they kept coming. I had to climb the roof several times to remove all of them,” he added.

He collected all the snakes in plastic jars and later released them in a nearby forest.

Banded Racer is a non-venomous terrestrial species, which can climb up to good heights in search of shelter and prey. But finding 20 of them in one spot is a rarity.