Aussie man makes surprise proposal to his girlfriend during beach 'acro-yoga'

A man in Australia wanted to surprise his girlfriend by proposing to her on the beach during some acrobatic yoga, in this touching clip from last month (March 23).

The couple Shaun Sullivan, 31, and Ashley Hockam, 30, travelled to Caves Beach in New South Wales to surf and relax, and when they tried out some acro-yoga on the beach, Sullivan took the opportunity to pop the question, totally surprising Hockam.

Though she was balanced on Sullivan's legs, Hockam was moved to tears by the proposal and fell off.

Sullivan commented: "I was wanting to propose to my girlfriend up at Caves Beach, NSW, Australia and the only way I could get it on film was to set up my phone because we sometimes film ourselves doing Acro to see how we can improve haha.

"We’d just been surfing together and I was really keen to get it done before I would stuff the surprise because I’m bad at keeping secrets.

"She didn’t even answer me she just fell off crying and never said 'Yes' until later, I wasn’t even sure what to do after."