Aussie stings himself with Man O’War jellyfish to challenge his pain threshold

This Australian man wanted to know what it feels like to be stung by a Man O’War jellyfish.

Footage captured at Avoca Beach in New South Wales, shows Jacob Strickling catching a blue bottle jellyfish, also known as a Portuguese Man O’ War and laying its tendril across his foot.

As Jacob starts to feel the pain, he screams and removes the venomous jellyfish, which leaves a skin rash on the instep of his foot.

‘’I can verify that it is very painful and in fact it sent sharp pains up my leg and turned into a welt. It was still painful a few hours later,’’ Jacob said.

Regardless the pain, Jacob really wanted to prove his resistance and he even tried a second jellyfish.

‘’The second blue bottle he caught had a stinger around six metres long. These are the ones which can cause serious issues as they wrap around swimmers arms and legs, with the intense pain causing panic and breathing difficulties,’’ Jacob added.

The clip was captured on January 14.

Following the painful experience, Jacob said that in the future he may just Google the level of pain from other Australian critters rather than performing first-hand investigations himself.