Aussie tourists encounter terrifying elephant stampede in Kruger National Park

A herd of elephants charged at a group of sightseers on a tour of Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The video, filmed February 2, shows the herd of angry elephants surrounding the tourists' vehicle while on a trail in the middle of the famed safari park.

Trent Holmes who filmed the encounter told Newsflare: “We were surrounded by angry elephants, it was truly terrifying. We had no idea what to do, the guide was telling us to be calm, I wasn't sure if I had to run and hide, which probably is the last thing you should do,”

“We went on the game drive and that herd of elephants had ran across the dirt road behind us, they were very active as the safari guide was saying, he thinks they were stampeding to scare some lions away from the area, there were a lot of baby elephants in the group.”