Australian science teacher gives daughter her first iFly experience using wakeboard and bouncy castle fan

Nine-year-old Mikalah Strickling was a bit fearful about trying the iFly – a vertical wind tunnel meant to give an indoor skydiving experience – so her father prepared her for it in their own backyard.

In the video, Mikalah is seen resting her belly on a wakeboard that is perched on a rotating platform while her father, Jacob, used a powerful bouncy castle fan to blow the contraption. The wind causes the wakeboard to spin in circles, allowing Mikalah to have the experience of freefalling.

Strickling said they were preparing to go on a cruise with Royal Caribbean that had an iFly on deck, but that her daughter had trepidations, that as seen in the later clip, were quickly overcome.

"Mikalah later said that the real iFly was so much better then the homemade version!" Strickling told Newsflare.