Avengers fans in Thailand drenched as water leaks from cinema ceiling

Avengers fans were left soaking wet after water started pouring from the ceiling while they were watching the movie.

Hundreds of people queued to see the hit Marvel Comics superhero film on an opening day in Ratchaburi, Thailand, on April 26.

But with an hour remaining of Avengers: Endgame, the cinema’s fire sprinkler opened sending water cascading over the confused viewers below.

The film fans were left drenched - and had to leave without knowing the ending of the immensely popular movie.

Staff at the venue blamed the sprinklers being triggered by on a heat wave currently causing temperatures in the country to pass 40c.

Disappointed customer Wittawat Hanvanich, 30, said: ‘’I was enjoying watching Avengers. There was still an hour until the end. I don’t know what happened so I’ll need to find the time to visit again. I was what after.’’

Staff at the cinema apologised to customers and said that soaring temperatures - said to be caused by the El Nino warm phase - had made pipes and valves expand which triggered the sensors.

Customers have been offered free tickets to return and watch the film again.

Wittawat added: ‘’I’m disappointed by what happened. The cinema should learn to control their water systems. But they dealt with the situation and we can go back to see the film again.’’

Avengers: Endgame has grossed $350 million in its domestic theatrical debut and $1.2 billion worldwide since it opened on April 26.