Baby Can't Stop Dancing When Mom Turns on Hairdryer

Toddlers are such funny little beings who never stop surprising us with their reactions to some simple things. They can easily get amazed by almost anything, from a flower to a bee, just like a boy in this video. But his usual favorite thing is wind in his hair, coming from a hand hair dryer! LOL! He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! This sweet baby boy is sitting on the floor having fun with his mom and a hairdryer. When she turns it on, this cute baby boy gets so excited! He puts a big smile on his face and starts waving his little hands like he wants to fly! But the moment she turns it off, he goes back to his "serious look" mood. OMG! Can you believe that?! This little fellow is so incredibly funny, and I bet there’s a great comedian potential hiding in this cute tot boy!