Baby gets Expressive when she hears the National Anthem

We can all agree that music can make us feel really emotional. And of course, that depends on the song. But there’s not a song is this world that can get you as close to shedding a tear as the National Anthem can. It’s a given that we all feel so good and strong when we listen to the song that represents our whole nation. Did you know that even babies can have really intense reactions to the tune of the National Anthem? If you don’t believe me, you absolutely have to check out this adorable video! As the clip begins, you can see a baby girl sitting in her stroller and listening to a trumpet version of the National Anthem. And her reaction to the tune is totally priceless! This adorable baby girl gets a little too emotional when she hears the National Anthem! She burst into tears and she just can’t stop crying! OMG, how cute is she! So precious!