Baby Girl Learns about Balloons

Toddlers are so amazing! I really love to watch funny videos with kids, not only because they are hilarious, but also because there are many important things we can learn from them! For example, how not to be bored even when nothing spectacular is going on. Many adults and even some older kids tend to feel bored when they have nothing to do. But instead of finding something amusing and useful to do, they rather complain about it! But, not the tots! I mean, have you ever seen a tot kid who just sits and whines that he or she is bored? Well, I haven’t! Every tot boy and a girl I know will always find something to do. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows an adorable tot girl who plays with a couple of balloons and has loads of fun! She just chases them around and doesn’t complain about a thing! LOL!