Baby is NOT a Fan of Green Beans

Are greens good for you? Yep, but, no, thank you! This little boy is enjoying lunchtime, but then his mom decides he should try something new. She gives him a spoonful of greens, and he takes a bite! However, he regrets this decision immediately. As soon as he tastes it, he makes a funny disgusted face and shakes his head. That taste was not what he expected. Who can blame him? Have you ever met a kid who didn’t find greens tasteless and yucky? I sure haven’t!\nThis little boy is sooo me when I was younger. Like all kids, I loved food, but greens just weren’t my thing. Even though greens are super healthy, it takes time to grow to love them. Greens are one of my favorite things to eat now, but back then… it was a struggle. However, I am not sure if adults love greens because they taste good or because we convinced ourselves they are delicious. LOL!