Baby python caught after sheltering inside pickup truck for three days

This is the moment a baby python was caught after sheltering inside a car for three days.

Kampon Lapnok, 35, was stunned to see the snake slithering between his legs while he was parking his vehicle at home in Ang Thong, central Thailand on Tuesday (July 23).

He quickly jumped out of the vehicle and tried to look for the snake, which slithered away behind the glove compartment.

Rescuers arrived at the scene and began to dismantle the car to find the snake, which darted inside the engine.

Footage shows how the team was looking everywhere in the dark. They also had to remove some parts of the front console and the seats in order to catch the serpent.

The 40cm long python was eventually found coiling behind the car mat of the passenger seat around an hour later.

Speaking afterwards, the car owner said he thinks that the reptile had been staying with him in the car for three days. He believes it took refuge in the vehicle while trying to escape heavy rain in the area.

He said: ''I remember I parked the car at the garage and left the door open all day last Friday, so I think it came from wasteland next to my home.

''I was terrified when I saw it then it disappeared from my sight. I really didn't know what to do, so I called the rescue foundation for help.''

The volunteers stuffed the python in a bag and released it back in the wild several miles away.