Baby thrown at mother in husband's elaborate prank

This prankster husband sets up an elaborate practical joke ahead of Mother's Day which shocks his wife and mother of their child.

The jokester creates a dummy baby by stuffing his child's onesie full of clothes so that it looks like he is holding his child.

Hiding his real child behind the bed this practical joker stands above his child holding the dummy baby. The hidden child starts to cry and the prankster husband rocks the dummy baby back and forth acting irritated with the mock 'crying baby'.

The mother enters the bedroom and stands on the opposite side of the bed. The 'irritated' husband angrily throws the dummy baby at the mother who shrieks in utter terror as her infant flies through the air.

Her relief and disgust when she realises that the whole thing was an elaborate prank is priceless.

The footage shows an edited and sped-up version of the prank's preparation where the baby's onesie is stuffed full of clothes.

The mischievous hubby checks the camera is working and places it on the windowsill before filming himself standing behind the bed holding the dummy baby.

After the hilarious moment when the mother catches the flying 'baby' the filmer zooms in and slows down her reaction in a replay.

The concerned mother then rushes to pick up her real baby and holds it close to her chest as she walks out of the room leaving the husband to turn to the camera and give a thumbs up!