Baby Won't let Mom take Money from his Hand

Babies are such adorable little humans! If you have ever had a chance to entertain a baby, you’ll know that the most unexpected things can draw their attention. For example, the baby boy from this video does not care about his toys at all! The only thing he wants to play with is a hundred dollar bill! LOL! If you don’t believe me that a baby can be obsessed with a hundred dollars, you absolutely have to watch this funny video! This little one’s sure got money on his mind! Each time his mom takes that precious hundred dollar bill from him and hides it behind her back, he starts crying inconsolably! OMG, how funny is that? Come on, mom, give it back! I’m not sure whether he understands the value of the money, but he’s absolutely hilarious nevertheless! Who knows, maybe this baby boy is a future financial expert! Too funny for words!