Bang Up in Boca Raton

Occurred on December 15, 2018 / Boca Raton

Info from Licensor: "This happened around 8:15 pm on Glades and i-95 in Boca Raton, FL. I had friends in the car with me and had just been telling them that the drivers in Florida are horrific. Moments later, this occurred:

The guy in the BMW immediately hopped out of his car, gathered up a bunch of his belongings and began to walk away without saying a word to anyone. He crossed the road, I yelled at him and he stopped. He then came back to the car and grabbed even more belongings and began to walk down the median. Again, I yelled and this time explained that I had him on camera.

The guy in the SUV was shaken. He hadn't called the cops and was just standing there. I called the non-emergency line, they asked me to hang tight until the officer showed up. He spoke with both of them and checked out their vehicles. He then came back to me to get my statement. Officer took my info and let me move on. As far as I know, no arrests were made."