Barber accidentally shaves 'play button' on man's head

A man accidentally got a triangle-shaped “play button” icon on his head after he showed the barber a haircut on a paused video in China.

The hilarious clip, shot in Wuxi City in eastern Jiangsu Province on December 29, 2018, shows the man named A Kai having a huge triangular patch on both sides of his head.

According to reports, A Kai showed a haircut on a paused video to his hairstylist, who did not realise the triangle was a play button and shaved it on A Kai’s head.

Although the barber has asked A Kai if he wanted to keep the triangle, A Kai was not paying much attention and simply nodded along.

After the picture of A Kai’s hairstyle has been posted on the Chinese Twitter-like platform Weibo, it went viral fast and has been shared for more than 25,000 times.