Beachgoers make amazing sand temples to mark Thailand's Songkran new year

These beachgoers take sandcastle building to another level with stunning temple sculptures decorated with thousands of jewels.

Hundreds of locals converge each year on the bay in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, to construct stunning 8ft high sand pagodas, known as Chedi Sai.

The festival, called Wan Lai Bangsaen, marks the country’s Songkran new year celebrations. While the festivities last from April 13 - April 15, in different regions they continue for up to a week after.

Footage shot yesterday (April 16) shows some of the stunning sandcastle temples that were made by the Buddhist natives from the area.

The coastal town of Bangsaen has developed a unique reputation for its unique sculptures, with artists working for up to 36 hours on each one.

Then after the two-day event is finished, each one is knocked down - a symbolic act relating to Buddha’s idea that nothing is permanent.