Beachgoers rescue 26ft long endangered whale stranded in shallow waters

This is the incredible moment dozens of beachgoers rescued a 26ft long endangered whale that was stranded in shallow waters.

The enormous 20-tonne Bryde's whale was seen by fisherman thrashing around in the shallow waters on the coast Ozamiz City, in southern Philippines on October 31.

They called for help and dozens of locals ran through the sea to help the distressed mammal.

Incredible footage shows residents desperately trying for several minutes to free the creature, which had become disorientated due to climate change according to marine experts.

They eventually summoned enough power to push the whale along the seabed, giving it just enough water under its belly for it to glide away into the depths.

Onlooker Maria Bustillo who watched the rescue said: ''Everybody wanted to help. I remember the men running over like the TV show Baywatch. It was a beautiful moment when the whale went back to the sea.''

Bryde's whales are critically endangered in some parts of the world and they have been extensively targeted by Japanese whalers - particularly off the coasts of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Virginia Valde, Senior Aqua-culturist in the Provincial Bureau of Fisheries and Agriculture, said: ''It is possible that the whale became lost due to changes in the climate of the sea.''