Beachgoers rescue stranded shark dumped on sand after being caught by fisherman

This is the moment brave beach-goers rescue a stranded shark that was dumped on the sand after being caught by a fisherman.

The 6ft long thresher shark was left on the beach with a hook through its gums after being snared by a vessel in Dumaguete City, the Philippines, on December 24.

Local diver Nigg Arguila said he was with his family preparing to go swimming when he noticed the shark being unloaded.

Nigg rushed over and used a pair of pliers to carefully unpick the metal hook from the distressed shark's mouth before several people lifted it up and releasing it back into the sea.

He said: ''We were just quietly swimming when we saw a fishing boat unloading what we thought was a big fish.

''But then I saw the tail and I got goosebumps, it was a Thresher shark.

''It was still alive, but obviously exhausted. People kept saying to wait for the police but in this situation, every second counts. I immediately jumped in and attempted to remove the hook.''

Nigg went to have a closer look and realized it was a shark. With the help of some locals, they removed the hook that was stuck in the shark's mouth.

He added: ''Thankfully, someone handed me over pliers and made it wasier for me to remove the hook. Thanks to the brave lady who helped me.''