Beatboxing flautist gives breathtaking performance that will blow you away!

This US flautist is able to combine chords from a classical flute with some incredible beatboxing skills in this awesome performance filmed yesterday (May 12).

Max Wessel from Atascadero, California has been playing the flute for over a decade, becoming a highly skilled musician with the instrument.

Wessel started beatboxing when he was in high school and "has kept up the hobby and refined it to an art."

The filmer told Newsflare: "[Max] has multiple jam sessions a day, and rarely if ever covers existing songs. It’s a form of improv, expression, and release for him all in one.

"I knew I had to start recording, not for social media, but as a milestone, for posterity.

"I had no idea how explosive a reaction we’d have with this video, but it’s well-earned attention from years of honing a skill that’s nearly as strange as the man himself."

Wessel said that he always felt like a "mediocre musician" but realised he had unbelievable skill for this unique pairing of sounds.

He later explained: "Once I realised I had something special, and something that brought my friends joy, I ended up sticking with it."