Beautiful blue caterpillar chain weaves along the ground in Thailand

A hiker saw this beautiful blue caterpillar chain weaving along the ground.

The walker, Khun Lungthong, noticed the stunning sight of hairy insects on a hill trail in Sukhothai, central Thailand last Monday (July 15).

Footage shows the family of more than twenty black-and-white furry caterpillars shuffling along head-to-toe in a single line.

All of them were following their leader to a safer place. Walking in line was also one of the ways to protect themselves from predators.

The filmer Khun Lungthongsaid: ''At first, I thought it was a snake because I've never seen worms walking together like that and they were very long.

''I waited for them to walk away because I didn't want to disturb them and I found them very beautiful to look at.''

Hairy caterpillars are commonly found in tropical forests around Thailand. Though some of them are born with beautiful colours, they are considered dangerous as their stings could be extremely irritating for human bodies.