Best Bathing Suit Reveal Ever

Occurred on August 19, 2019 / Trelawny, Jamaica

Info from Licensor: "I went on vacation with a group of family and friends. My boyfriend Eugene and I are always surprising each other or playing jokes. I decided what better way to show him that I love him and get a few laughs, by getting his face all over my swimsuit. We walked to the beach in Jamaica and the whole time he asked why I had on this hot cover-up? When everyone finally arrived on the beach, I did my big reveal. He knows that I’m a creative person and at first he thought I just had on a swimsuit with a guys face, but then realized it was HIS face. Everyone was cracking up and talking about “the swimsuit” after that. All of the other boyfriends and husbands were asking why their mates didn’t do the same thing. My answer was “No one was stealing my thunder, and it was special for him.” I strategically placed his face/ beard in the right spot to make it even funnier and I knew the big smiley face on my butt would be great because he’s always staring at it. Once everyone saw the beard near my privates they laughed even more, saying I looked like I needed a wax job."