Bizarre bamboo pole climbing competition takes place in rural Thai village

This hilarious sports day for grown-ups sees local men race to climb to the top of a bamboo pole covered in cooking oil.

Residents from a dozen different villages took part in the bizarre competition every in Nakhon Phanom, northeast Thailand.

Footage from Tuesday (January 22) shows how the 16ft high bamboo shafts are doused with slippery oil.

They were then pitched into the ground before village chief Pima Sangmanee kicked-off the event by striking a bell.

Local men then had to prove their strength by climbing to the top and grabbing a yellow flag.

The amusing video shows how they struggled to reach the peak of the poles and ended up having to be lifted by their friends.

The first person to grab the yellow flag won the top prize of a new goat from the village chief. The woman’s event followed shortly after.

Organiser Pima Sangmanee said that the game was meant to unite people from the local region.

He said: ‘’This local sports day occurs annually. It is like a tradition for people in our community. People from different villages will come together and do unusual activities they have not done before.

‘’They will also get to know each other and have a good time which will result in their quality of life and social development.’’