Bizarre moment pet dog and 4 men ride in bamboo hut on wheels

A dog and four human companions were spotted relaxing in a bamboo hut that had been loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck in Thailand.

The lads and their pooch were seen travelling through the island of Phuket on May 29 just before 5pm.

They were wearing flip-flops while appearing to be relaxed and the white dog, believed to be a poodle, was towards the front of the vehicle.

It was eagerly looking forward and had the wind blowing through its fur as the truck and its unusual cargo pulled away from the traffic lights during rush hour traffic.

Kittiwan Roonrod captured the scene in the vehicle behind.

She said: ‘’The dog looked very relaxed. That was so cute. It was just like they were all relaxing on the beach.

‘’I think that the hut was being moved to a different location so they all sat in the back while it was on the car.''