Bizarre Philippines island where 1 in 3 households have twins

A community on the island of Alabat in the Philippines is known for having an abundant number of twins, with one in three households having twins in the family.

Located in the centre of the Philippine island chain, a community on the island has more than 100 pairs of twins of varying categories, from identical to fraternal, and even a pair of conjoined twin girls linked at the forehead.

Currently doctors and scientists are baffled by the phenomenon occurring on an island, although other communities with abnormally high twin birth rates have been observed elsewhere.

For example, the small village of Kodinhi in Kerala, southern India had reported the presence of around 300-350 twins within the same village.

Reportedly present theories have ruled out a genetic component to the high twin birth rate on Alabat, suggesting there may be an environmental cause at work, with some inquiring whether the drinking water should be examined.