Bizarre video shows burning log that looks just like a dog

A bizarre video has emerged of a burning log that appears to resemble a dog's face at an north Indian temple in New Delhi.

Footage of the strange image shows the wooden log being burnt to perform rituals inside the temple ‘Kalka Mandir’ situated at Kalkaji, New Delhi on the morning of February 10.

The perspective shifts a little and from a certain angle it appears to have the face of a dog or puppy, while bells can be heard inside the temple as the devotees worship inside the Hindu temple.

The event has now sent the devotees into a frenzy who are now linking it to the Hindu Goddess Durga and have termed it as a rare thing that was seen ever. The devotees are considering it a special occurrence and a sign from the goddess.

However, some devotees said that the wooden log burning looked more like a tigress when viewed from a different angle, which is significant as the tigress is the steed of the Hindu Goddess Durga.