Blind coconut tree climber has been plucking fruits for 50 years

This 64-year-old man in western Sumatra is still working as a coconut tree climber after more than 50 years, despite having gone blind.

Dasir, the blind man, is a highly skilful coconut harvester, revealing in interviews in March 2018 that he is able to climb as many as 30 coconut trees a day.

However, he is still very poor, being paid by keeping 3 of every 10 coconuts he gathers. Currently he lives in a small home of around 4 x 6 metres floorspace, meaning he was not able to accommodate his two children, who live with their grandparents.

To get customers, Dasir walks around his village, offering his services to climb and collect coconuts. When asked if he would be safer begging, rather than risk his life for coconuts, Dasir answered that he would be too ashamed to beg.