Boat dock floats down river during historic flood in Marble Falls, Texas

Cities in Central Texas saw severe flooding on October 16, with reports of overflowing rivers, inundated streets and houses going underwater as rain pummeled the region.

This video, filmed at Max Starcke Dam in Marble Falls, Texas, shows a boat dock being carried away by the rushing floodwaters.

"The lake we live near is a constant level lake and it hasn't flooded this bad in the highland lakes since the 1930s," the filmer said. "We witnessed this boat dock being broke off and then floating down the river".

A state of emergency was declared in 18 counties, and several remained under flash flood warnings throughout the night.

One person's body was found in Lake LBJ in Burnet County, near the east bank of the shore in a neighborhood between Kingsland and Highland Haven. The victim was not identified.