Boeing 747 stranded in mud after skidding off runway in lightning storm

Airport workers were today battling to free a stranded Boeing 747 after it skidded off the runway in a lightning storm, injuring one passenger.

The Jumbo Jet had descended last night into Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, through monsoon downpours.

But moments after touching down, flight TG 679 from Guangzhou, China, veered to the side of the tarmac and juddered as it ploughed through grass at the side of the track.

The aircraft - carrying 97 passengers and 18 crew - ran for more than 100 metres across the grass leaving thick rain-filled ditches. The terrified passengers had to use the inflatable slides to disembark.

One passenger suffered a sprained ankle after the difficult landing just after 11pm local time in the Thai capital.

The Queen of the Skies remained stuck in the mud and staff were filmed at 3pm the next day battling to tow it away. Aviation authorities launched an investigation into the accident while the runway remained closed with aircraft using an adjacent track.

Flight Lieutenant Pratthana Pattanasirim, THAI’s director of security and flight standard division, said THAI Flight TG 679 skidded off the runway in heavy rain.

Thai Airways said in a statement: "While the pilot was landing the plane at Suvarnabhumi Airport, heavy rain caused the aircraft to slip off the runway.

"The pilot could park the aircraft safely and bring the passengers with the crew down to the terminal. The company will cooperate with relevant agencies."