Boy Gets Stinky Surprise

Do you love surprises? We do too, however, not all surprises are nice. Just ask the kid from our video. He was playing with his siblings on the trampoline when suddenly he realized something truly disturbing. He was sitting in the dog poop all along! Oh, the horror! That’s really a nasty surprise!\nTalking about surprises, have you ever wondered why humans love to be surprised? Those little-unexpected pleasures in life mean so much because our brain loves unexpected things more than expected. When we're surprised, for better or for worse, our emotions intensify up to 400 percent. If we’re surprised with something positive, we’ll feel more intense feelings of happiness or joy than we normally would have absent the surprise. Similarly, if we’re surprised by something negative, our feelings of anger, despair or unhappiness will also intensify because of the surprise. We bet this kid’s emotions seriously intensified when he saw a dog poop. Hilarious!