Boyfriend proposes during black Nazarene Festival in front of hundreds of people, Philippines

This is the emotional moment a boyfriend proposes to his partner during the feast of the Black Nazarene procession in front of Quiapo Church in Manila City, the Philippines.

Black Nazarene devotee Christian Genese asked the help of his friends to prepare the surprise for his girlfriend Khristine Orpiano on January 9.

Friend Remie Joy Estacio said: "We only knew about his plans on the day of the feast. We were surprised too. I am so happy for them."

Girlfriend Khristine said: "I told him before that if he will propose to me, I want other people to see. I didn't expect think that he'd take it to heart and propose to me in front of that many people. Now I know why he insisted so bad that I come with him on the day of the procession."

Christian and Khristine live in Saskatchewan, Canada and have been together for six years already. They went home to the Philippines to attend the procession.