Brave fireman shows how to catch a cobra with bare hands

A brave Thai fireman dubbed the 'snake whisperer' shows how he stares out cobras to catch them with his bare hands.

Phinyo Pukphinyo, 49, snares an estimated 2,000 serpents a month - including pythons, cobras and vipers - from homes and woodland around Bangkok, Thailand.

The unique skill has made him the country's leading snake catcher - even surviving a three-month stay in hospital after being bitten by a highly venomous monocled cobra.

Phinyo said the experience made him respect snakes even more and he dedicated himself to the death-defying work.

Footage shows how he comes within inches of the deadly reptile’s killer fangs as he stares into it while ''reading its mind''.

Phinyo then gently strokes the cobra’s throat before quickly grasping it’s neck and lifting it from the ground.

With the reptile in his hands, Phinyo can stare into its eyes while rocking his own head from side to side in order to subdue the snake, which can then be caged.

Phinyo said: ''The cobra is one of the world’s venomous snakes. Therefore, timing is very important to catch them.

''If you get bitten, it can cause big trouble. Without proper treatment, there is a high risk of death.

''It is important to learn about snake behaviour as well. Most people like to hit them or use the equipment for catching snakes. But catching them with bare hand requires a lot of skill and experience.

''Different snakes have difference behaviours, so we have to read their minds right after we see them. We still have to be careful at all times.''