Brave little Cockapoo fights 'animal-log' in the forest

This is the hilarious stand-off between an adorable Cockapoo and a log.

There are branches coming out from underneath the main bulk of the log which makes it look like a creature from the deepest darkest forest. Yet, the intrepid little dog makes a show of it's prowess by barking and prowling around the stoic log laying in quietly in the leaves.

Clearly this adorable little pup is trying to protect its owner from the potential threat of the unknown entity but the log has no reaction to the Cockapoo's show of power.

The footage shows the fluffy canine fascinated with the weird shape hidden amongst the undergrowth. As the film progresses the log seems to be winning as the puppy becomes frustrated it won't run off scared back into the forest.

Eventually the brave Cockapoo inches closer and closer until it is almost upon its worthy adversary. Finally the Cockapoo gets close enough to sniff the log and then investigates the strange being. Victorious, the little four-legged warrior walks away pleased with the battle's final outcome. .