Brave man drives wedding band van to safety after it catches fire

This is the heart-stopping moment a wedding band van caught fire in an Indian village.

But the brave driver refused to stop the vehicle in a heavily populated area fearing it might lead to a bigger accident.

People who were riding on top of the van raised the alarm and managed to jump off the burning vehicle. But the driver continued until he found an empty stretch of the street in which to abandon the vehicle safely.

The incident occurred in Tapi in Western India on May 3.

A family in Nijer Piplod village had called the Star Sitara wedding band to perform at their wedding. The incident occurred as the band entered the village in their van.

“A crowd senselessly trailed the burning van and many were at risk had the driver abandoned his vehicle. His courage saved the day,” said Nilanjan Mehta, a local resident.

Police said they were probing the cause of the fire.